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Sinus lift procedure

What you should do after sinus lift procedure

On the day of the surgery, do not rinse your mouth and avoid hot food and drinks, especially coffee.

On the day of the surgery, cool the treated place with an ice pad in the following manner: 15 min cooling, 30 min rest (repeat until night time).

On the day of the surgery, do not smoke! It is strictly forbidden.

For a few weeks after the surgery, avoid physical strain, hot baths, and swimming pools.

Open your mouth while sneezing. If you feel irritation inside your nose, clear the irritant by sucking it up, but do not blow.

After the surgery, patients are prescribed some medicines that should be used according to the doctor's instructions. If you are not sure about dosage, please call our clinic.

Bleeding is common result of this surgery. The taste of blood may be felt even the day after the surgery.

Maximum after-surgery swelling is observed on the third day after the surgery. This is a normal reaction to the surgery.

If you feel sick a few days after the procedure, or have a temperature, or the swelling does not go down, or you simply have questions, please immediately contact our clinic.