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Professional oral hygiene

 Professional oral hygiene, preventive treatment of teeth and gums

From earliest childhood, we know that teeth should be cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush twice a day. However, aiming to keep your mouth in really good condition, this is not enough.

Oral health means healthy gums and teeth. Professional oral hygiene helps to keep teeth and gums healthy.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that, most often, concentrate in the fissures of the tooth surface or gums. Even thorough daily cleaning of the teeth leaves a considerable amount of micro-organisms and micro pockets of plague, that become ideal places for the adhesion of bacteria and their products. The outcome of the activities of micro-organisms leads to tooth and gum disease. These troubles can be avoided by performing regular professional oral hygiene and quality cleaning of the teeth.

Professional oral hygiene is recommended twice a year on average. But your oral hygiene specialist will set an individual course for you.

The oral hygiene specialist may be the first odontologist to meet your baby. Oral hygiene specialists can also advice you about treating your child’s first teeth, covering the fissures of the first permanent teeth with sealants, and constantly monitor the condition of your baby’s mouth.

Oral hygiene specialists evaluate the oral hygiene habits of adults, helping them form new ones, and monitoring their success.

Oral hygiene specialists also perform teeth whitening. Prior to performing teeth whitening, you should consult your oral hygiene specialist about possible risks; they will advice you about the important aspects of oral hygiene after whitening.

Mouth irrigator WaterPik Ultra WP-100

WaterPik Ultra is an innovative, modern, jet teeth-cleaning technology.

Much scientific research indicates that simple cleaning and flossing is not enough for most people to keep teeth healthy.

The mouth irrigator supports daily cleaning of teeth while removing residues of food and plague from the most difficult to reach parts of the mouth; in-between teeth; and under bridges, prostheses, and implants. Toothbrushes are not able to reach such places, and saliva does not wash them efficiently enough. In order to keep optimal oral hygiene, mouth irrigator usage is recommended. It washes out residues and bacteria, and destroys bacteria-friendly environments.

The WaterPik system has a great cleaning, massage, and gums stimulation effect.

The WaterPik mouth irrigator is available for purchase at our clinic.