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Dental prosthesis

In the case of large dental row defects, non-aesthetical smiles, or faulty chewing function due to partial or complete tooth loss, the most relevant solution is usually a dental prosthesis.

We offer various methods of prosthesis performed using the most modern and also time-tested materials. Our specialists repair partial defects of dental rows using prosthesis according to your wishes and pocket: single crowns, bridges, removable cross-arch stabilisation prosthesis, and removable partial or full dentures.

In edentulous conditions, we offer the new generation removable prosthesis produced from new generation flexible plastic, or removable/irremovable prosthesis fixed on implants.

One of the newest and most aesthetic materials used for the production of irremovable prosthesis in contemporary odontology is zirconium oxide, zirconium. This material is a good solution for the restoration of teeth in aesthetical places thus avoiding dark gum contours. Dental crowns from zirconium oxide are as strong as metal-ceramic ones, but more aesthetically pleasing than the latter. Implant supports may also be produced from zirconium oxide, thus the result may be even better, and you will have an even nicer smile.

Our clinic also offers time-tested materials for the production of irremovable prosthesis, such as metal-ceramic, metal-free ceramic, and alloys of noble metals. All of these materials are strong, and suitable for prosthesis, if chosen according to certain indications for certain patients.

In such cases, such an invasive dental prosthesis is not necessary. If dental crowns are not completely damaged, but their filling may be ineffective and low quality, or if the patient is reluctant to have an invasive prosthesis, we offer to repair lost tooth structure with ceramic or composite liners or covers.

Our goal is high quality work, making you happy for many years. Such results can only be achieved by working as a team. Often, when patients’ teeth need prosthesis, they also need therapeutical, endodontological, periodontological, or surgical treatment. Our clinic offers a wide range of services and consultations with dental doctors who help to work out individual treatment plans and the high quality, aesthetical and functional correction of your smile.